You’ve Never Seen a Flip Phone Like This Before

You’ve Never Seen a Flip Phone Like This Before

When we think of flip phones it’s easy to remember the Motorola Razr with its impossibly thin profile and all the other clamshells which lived in everyone’s pockets in the early 2000’s. Fast forward to 2017 and ZTE have been reinventing the flip phone for a new audience. So how do 2 x 5.2 inch screens sound?
The ZTE Axon M is a fully featured smartphone which comes with a 5.2 inch screen at the front, another on the back and a hinge which connects the two together. The hinge allows the rear screen to flip round and clip into the front one creating a tablet style display.
ZTE have added 3 modes to make the most of those screens – mirror mode puts the same display on each screen. Extend mode allows you to stretch apps over both screens. Finally there’s split mode which allows you to run 2 apps at the same time, brilliant for those who want to be in Facebook and Whatsapp at the same time.

There’s just one 20mp camera on the front, but don’t worry, ZTE have developed a clever camera app which allows you to use the front or rear screen as the viewfinder so normal shots and selfies aren’t going to be a problem.

The Axon M is due out in Japan and America before the end of the year. No word on price yet, but we’d expect it to come with a premium price tag for all that extra screen goodness.

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