Why You Should Buy A Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Why You Should Buy A Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Screen protectors are a must for any phone if you want to protect your screen from external damage. Designed to withstand scratches and cracks, screen protectors will protect your precious phone screen.

But why should you use tempered glass?

The 9H hardness is designed to withstand external pressure on your screen. The thick glass will act as a barrier between the screen and your surroundings, including your hands, giving your phone screen good protection.

The tempered glass is impact and shatter proof, but only on the screen. If you happen to drop your phone on a phone corner, the screen protector won’t protect it since it doesn’t extend beyond the screen. Invest in a phone case for extra protection.

The oleophobic coating allows you to easily remove any smudges or fingerprints with a quick clean. Have a perfect looking screen all the time without any permanent smudges or fingerprint marks.

With total transparency and touch sensitivity, you can still use and see your phone like before. It’ll be like you don’t even have a screen protector on as it blends in with your phone screen, but you can feel reassured knowing you do have one.

While it’s pricier than a plastic screen protector and you can’t buy them in bulk, tempered glass offers much better protection than plastic screen protectors. Pay more for lasting protection.

However, if you have broken your screen and need it fixed, book an appointment for our award-winning repair service today and we’ll provide you a FREE tempered glass for added protection.

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