What IS Smart Home Technology?

What IS Smart Home Technology?

Smart Home Technology connects everyday items to the internet with smartphones, tablets, laptops/computers, etc. Imagine being able to control your heating while you’re heading home after a night out, or be alerted if there was a water leakage when you’re at work. These are just two examples of how Smart Home Technology can make your home smarter.

smart home technology

What items does it use?

For now, the range of Smart Home Technology is limited to everyday items. Technology companies are focusing on smart voice assistants, with all the big brands creating and releasing their own version. Additionally, these technology companies are constantly looking for ways to make your home smarter and hassle free.

Our current range of Smart Home Technology includes:

smart home lighting

How does this benefit me?

Good question!

  • You can control your home from anywhere, anytime via an app on your phone/tablet or via a website on your laptop/computer.
  • Your home is safer since you can schedule lights to turn on even when you’re holiday to trick burglars.
  • All Smart Home Technology is flexible with other companies so the technology can all work together to help your home be safer and better protected.
  • You can use one app to control several Smart Home Technology items, taking the hassle out of using them.
  • You receive insights into how much energy or electricity you use and you can cut back on it through schedules or simply turning it off.

What if it fails or doesn’t work?

If any Smart Home items don’t work, you should contact the manufacturer to see if it’s a faulty item.

All Smart Home Technology has a manual override, meaning you’ll be able to control the item yourself should it fail for whatever reason… in most cases. Unfortunately, if there is a power cut, a manual override won’t solve that issue.

If it’s not a power cut, check your internet connection. A weak connection could be causing issues, but if you buy an internet signal enhancer (such as the Deco Whole Home WiFi pack), that will resolve the issue.

smart home wifi

See our whole range of Smart Home Technology on our website.

What part of your home do you want to make smarter?

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