The Ultimate Power Bank For Your Festival Needs

The Ultimate Power Bank For Your Festival Needs

With summer festivals fast approaching, you should go prepared with a good portable power bank. Luckily, Promate know exactly what all good power banks need, so you can keep your device charged while you’re having the time of your life.


Promate know how important it is to have a safe, portable power bank, so all their power banks come with:

  • An over current protection
  • An over voltage protection
  • An over charging protection
  • A short circuit protection
  • A heat protection

It automatically powers down when it’s no longer needed so you can bring your power bank around with you knowing yours is protected against any internal heating issues.


All the power banks are lightweight so you can take them with you anywhere. Slip them into your pockets or your bag without feeling any noticeable difference. In fact, some are so compact, you could fit them onto the palm of your hand.

Some of the power banks come with an additional feature, such as:

  • Charge up two devices simultaneously – perhaps a friend forgot to bring one and desperately needs to charge up their phone. With dual USBs, you can offer your power bank without being unable to charge your phone too.
  • LED lights will keep you updated – with old power banks, you probably had to constantly keep checking your screen to tell you how charged your phone is. But the LED lights keep you updated on how charged your phone battery is.
  • Watch your phone charge up ultra-fast – charge your phone four times faster with the ultra-fast charging power bank. Although, this power bank will only work with phones that allow ultra-fast charging.

Don’t be caught out with low phone battery.  Shop our range of Promate power banks now.

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