Are You Struggling To Find Fashionable Earphones?

Are You Struggling To Find Fashionable Earphones?

Look no further!

Try the i.am+ Buttons, an innovative wireless earphone created by will.i.am. The perfect combination of fashion and technology, available in four colours (or an extra four combinations if you’re an iPhone user). Choose from grey, black, gold and rose gold (or grey/black, gold/black, gold/white and rose gold/white for iPhone users).

How Do You Use Them?

Connect any device via Bluetooth within a 30 feet range without disconnecting your earphones. Although, make sure you do have a good Bluetooth connection so you won’t ruin your listening experience.

The single fabric cord connects the two magnetic ear pieces together and includes a thin rectangle incorporated with three buttons. No need to locate your device to control the volume since there are two buttons for increasing and decreasing volume and an additional pause/play feature placed between the volume buttons.

Each premium wireless earphone comes with a few different sized ear pieces. Test them all out and see which one fits you. Designed to stay lodged in your ears, never worry about them constantly falling out again. Additionally, with a vinyl inspired outer design, the Bluetooth earphones will be hidden from view, exposing only the stylish side.

When you’re not using them, you can wear the wireless Bluetooth earphones like a necklace by hanging the fabric cord around your neck and connecting the magnetic earpieces together. A perfect fashion statement piece, doubled up as powerful earphones.

What Else Do I Need To Know?

The premium wireless earphones have:

-A built in microphone, surround sound and deep bass. Make phone calls with the microphone and experience truly remarkable sound quality anytime, anywhere. Drown out the world around you and amplify your audio.

-A battery life of approximately 6 hours before it needs to be charged. However, the earphones also have a stand by time of approximately 120 hours, meaning your earphones will stay fully charged for 5 days if you don’t use them at all.

-A micro USB cable to charge the rechargeable lithium batteries. Charge the device through a plug or a computer and keep your experience going. But if it does run out of charge, you can wear it as a statement piece of jewellery. A win-win.

A high quality audio accessory doubled up as a fashion accessory. What more do you need in portable earphones?

Head to a local TechHouse store today to buy them.

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