Protect Your Phone Against Heatwaves

Protect Your Phone Against Heatwaves

In the midst of a heatwave, keeping your phone cool is just as important as keeping yourself cool. Otherwise you could risk your phone not charging, the display going dim or black, your phone turning off altogether or, in the worst case scenario, exploding.

But what can you do to avoid this?

Don’t leave your phone exposed in direct sunlight for long periods of time. Most phones are made from materials that retain heat, meaning your phone could stay hot for hours after you take it out of the sun. Try to keep your phone out of direct sunlight as much as possible.

Avoid sudden changes in temperate. Your phone, like your body, can’t tolerate sudden temperature changes. While your phone might work faster in the heat, it can only do so for short spurts before creating permanent damage, whereas in the cold, it will struggle to charge properly and might turn off regularly.

Turn off unused apps in the background and remove apps/items you don’t use regularly. Apps running in the background can use up precious battery life and cause your phone to overheat easier. Keeping apps/items on your phone you don’t use or need not only takes up valuable space, but it can make your phone function slower.

Additionally, turn off location services and don’t use map directions (unless necessary). A dodgy signal and/or using an app that constantly needs to refresh will need to use extra battery power to keep it going, therefore overheating your phone. The same applies to using Bluetooth services and playing games.

Take off your phone case if your phone is already hot. Phone cases are brilliant protection against scratches and smashed screens, but just like leaving your phone out in direct sunlight, they retain heat. This will lead to your phone taking longer to cool down and causing long term consequences to your phone.

If the heatwave has damaged your phone in any way, book an appointment online or head in store for our award winning repair service.

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