Promate – RFID-Wallet – Card Blocking Leather Wallet – Black

Promate – RFID-Wallet – Card Blocking Leather Wallet – Black


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  • Card Slots For Up To 5 Cards
  • Sophisticated Premium Leather Design
  • Ultra Slim Bi-Fold Design For Your Convenience
  • Aluminium Interior RFID Guard To Protect Your Cards

RFID-wallet is designed to prevent RFID signals penetrating your wallet and scanning RFID chips built onto your credit cards, debit cards, id cards, and other cards you carry in your wallet. Protect yourself from digital pick-pockets with an ultra-slim leather bi-fold wallet that also blocks RFID signals.

RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking, is a communication technique via radio signals to identify specific targets and read data, hence, this wallet can save you from fraudulently scanning & cloning of your personal and financial data. Keeps your vital information secure. Be safe and protected from electronic pick pocketing.

This card case combines good looks and durability with its ultra-slim leather design. The wallet is made of high-quality leather, which is both soft and durable, ensuring a sophisticated feel and look.

This wallet is suitable for all your needs. It’s compact and fits comfortably in your pocket without producing a discernible bulge. Also, it’s lightweight and doesn’t introduce an uneven distribution of weight when you put it into the pocket.

This wallet is made with the highest quality materials and is durable, yet thin which makes it easier to fit in your wallet. Stain and impact resistant, RFID wallet aluminium wallet is a perfect fit for an active lifestyle.

Designed with one-click action and credit cards slide out but won’t fall out of the sleeve and 2 currency pockets allow quick access to your money and cards.

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