Do You Want To Know How To Protect Your Phone?

Do You Want To Know How To Protect Your Phone?

Have you recently bought a phone but you’re concerned you’ll break it? Follow these tips and you’ll have nothing to worry about.

Invest in your phone with a phone case and a screen protector. While screen protectors can be a pain when bubbles form, your phone won’t be scratched against everyday items, such as keys or money. As for phone cases, there are a whole range of cool cases to choose from at reasonable prices. Protecting your phone from screen cracks is the ultimate way to look after your phone and phone cases insure that doesn’t happen.

Keep your phone dry. Water and electrical items don’t go well together, so neither does your phone and water. Minimize the amount of time you use your phone in the rain as it can cause long term damage to your phone, internally and externally.

Keep your phone out of extreme temperatures. Extreme weather conditions can damage your phone in the long run by ruining the internal devices. Cold temperatures tend to make your phone’s movements very slow, whereas hot temperatures tend to make your battery drain very fast.

Clean your phone regularly. Clean with alcohol wipes or dry tissue paper as anything else could cause scratches to the phone, or else add moisture to the phone and, as stated above, you don’t want moisture on your phone.

Turn off the ringer. Being in a scenario where your phone is supposed to be on silent mode and your phone then rings is the worst. You’re scrambling to find your phone and you’re far more likely to drop it. Prevent this future issue by turning your phone to silent mode in scenarios that require it. Double check, just in case.

Have a safe place to put your phone when you’re not using it. Keep it in a place where it’s not likely to fall and smash. For example, if you’re keeping your phone on a desk, make sure it’s not on the very edge of the desk. Or if you’re keeping it in a desk drawer, make sure there aren’t sharp objects around it.

Update your phone. I know phone updates can be a pain, but they protect your phone against any viruses and keep all software running smoothly. Plus, all your favourite apps will be updated with the software and you might miss out on cool new features if you don’t update.

Charge your phone regularly. Your phone will last longer if you keep it at 50% and charge it regularly a few times a day than draining the battery to 0% and charging it to 100%. In fact, phones could benefit from restarting it occasionally too, since it closes all apps and any glitches present.

Invest in your phone’s safety with a strong phone case, such as UAG’s range of tough, but lightweight, phone cases.

What are your top phone safety tips?

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