Has Your Phone Battery Been Slower Than Usual?

Has Your Phone Battery Been Slower Than Usual?

If your phone battery has been draining faster than usual, or you’ve noticed your phone battery barely lasts a day, you could be using your phone wrong. Check out the following self care tips and see if it makes any difference to your phone battery.


Contrary to popular rumours, your phone can be charged overnight. The battery will stop charging once it’s fully charged, so you can keep your phone plugged in for as long as you like without any issues occurring.

Putting another rumour to rest, your battery doesn’t like when you drain your phone to 0% and charge it up to 100%. In fact, the phone will perform worse over time. The advice is to charge the phone at 50% a few times a day than to let it run down completely.

Charging with a cheap charger can lead to fires so please be cautious with where you buy your charger from. Make sure it’s a reputable source, whether by a third party reseller your phone company trusts, or directly from your phone company.


A battery can withstand from 0oC to 45oC.

Any less than 0oC, the amount of power available will be reduced because of a restriction in movement within the battery itself.

Any more than 45oC, the amount of power is surprisingly enhanced, but the degradation of the battery is accelerated. For short periods, the heat is good. Otherwise, you risk your battery’s life expectancy not lasting as long.

Further Tips

  • Turn Off Cellular Network/4G & Use Wifi Instead – your cellular data (4G) connects to a global system and dominates in energy consumption, whereas wifi uses 40% less power
  • Use Airplane Mode – turns off most of its functions, including 4G and wifi
  • Turn On Smart Battery Modes – reduces energy consumption by limiting the functions, such as notifications and screen brightness
  • Reduce Screen Brightness – it’ll save your battery power
  • Turn Off Location Services – it’ll drain your battery as it runs in the background trying to pick up your location to send you localised adverts/info

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