Do You Need A Phone Case For Your Active Lifestyle?

Do You Need A Phone Case For Your Active Lifestyle?

Look no further than UAG!

Urban Armor Gear, or UAG for short, specialise in phone cases created for active lifestyles. UAG are the perfect brand to protect your phone against the natural elements with their awesome features.

Military Grade Drop Tests

Specialising in military approved drop tests, UAG ensure your phone is protected no matter what distance your phone is dropped from. UAG carried out a military approved drop test and found that after 26 drops from 4ft/1.2m, still no damage was done to the phone. Feel secure knowing your phone will be protected no matter how much you drop your phone while out and about.

Lightweight, Rugged Material

The two words ‘lightweight’ and ‘rugged’ might not seem like they go together, but UAG have found a way to make the two compatible. Now you can bring your phone anywhere without feeling the weight of the case since it’s made from a featherlight material.

Raised Screen Surround

A raised screen gives you space between a surface and the phone so if your phone did slip, it wouldn’t get damaged. Additionally, items like keys won’t be as likely to scratch the screen. I’d still advise a screen protector though, to further protect your screen.

Rubber Corners & Skid Pads

The enhanced rubber corners have a shock and drop protection in case you do drop your phone. Additionally, it stops the phone from falling off surfaces from its firm material. The skid pads prevent any scratches from damaging the case itself so it can look as good as new always.

Camera Cut Out

The camera is cut out and perfectly aligned so the case never obscures the camera. Say goodbye to those flash images that are ruined by a case obscuring the camera and hello to crisp images in all conditions.

Take a look at our range of UAG phone cases in our online store today.

Have you found a phone case for your active lifestyle?

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