Do You Need A Fashionable AND Protective Phone Case?

Do You Need A Fashionable AND Protective Phone Case?

Try Prodigee’s diverse range!

Known for their fashion, functionality and protection with all their phone cases, you can trust Prodigee to create original cases. Especially since they’re sold worldwide! But despite how far they’re sold globally, they still want to have fun along the way.

Military Grade Drop Tests

Don’t worry about dropping your phone ever again. Prodigee carried out a military approved drop test on their cases and found after 26 drops from 6.5ft/2m, no damage was done to the phone. Look out for the military approved sticker for maximum protection.

Shock Absorption

Along with passing a military approved drop test, Prodigee have added impact resistant silicone sides to protect your phone’s internal system from damage. Rest easy knowing your phone is protected internally and externally.

Screen Protector Friendly

Prodigee have created all their phone cases to be screen protector friendly so you can double your phone’s protection with a good screen protector. Protect the front, back and sides of your phone from any damage.

All Buttons & Ports Are Accessible

Access all your buttons and ports with ease using Prodigee’s functional cases. Charge your phone or listen to music with the accessible ports, or turn up or down your volume over the button covers.

Check out our range of Prodigee phone cases in our online store today.

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