Circular Eco

Not just a brand, a way of life!

Circular Eco values centre around the circular economy, a model of production and consumption, which involves sharing, leasing, reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling existing materials and products as long as possible.

With our unique phone cases, made in Slovenia by a small team of innovators dedicated to transforming the mobile phone experience. Most people think phone cases are just about protecting your phone and looking good. We think they can be more!

With our cases, using your phone becomes a journey for the senses, not just the texture but the smell can transport you to another time and another place. Trading in old for new creates a circular economy for you and the rest of the world.

With old Circular Eco cases we will ensure that they are disposed of properly and recycled.

We are aware of the environmental issues that’s why all our cases and packaging are recycable and they also include parts made of organic materials. We want to make a difference not just with our cases but as a brand, so you can consider us a Green company who has the planet in mind! Join us at Circular Eco in making a better eco system.

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Skeleton Leaves




Go Green, Go Eco-friendly Go Circular Eco!

The world’s first organic aromatic phone case lets you put a piece of nature in your pocket!

Organika cases add smell and touch to the equation

The goal is to take this totally ordinary thing we do all the time – holding a phone – and turn it into an experience.

The cases are coated in an advanced organic resin which offers great protection, but still lets you feel the natural texture of the material, and preserves the smell for up to 6 months.

Imagine getting a call from a friend who wants to meet up in a café downtown. Now imagine the rich aroma of freshly ground coffee swirling gently up your nostrils, while your fingers trace the hoarse yet soothing surface of coffee beans.

Organika get our senses involved. Humans have five major senses, which make up pretty much everything we experience in the world: Sight, smell, touch, taste, and hearing.

Recycle the old or cash it for new

Trade In your old phone

We are want to save valuable world resources, is economically efficient, Eco efficient and quite fun clearing out those unwanted items. With broken handsets, we will dispose of them ecologically or turn them into cash for you, if fixable.