Inbound services from TechHouse Business feature an online portal from which a client can fully control call routing, monitor their services and calls, management tools to allow clients to exceed their own customers’ expectations.

Inbound is packed with features to help manage incoming calls, providing greater business efficiency, resilience, flexibility and better customer service. From simple call routing through to comprehensive call centre services, Inbound is everything your client’s business needs.

Inbound puts them in control so they’re not reliant on a network operator to make changes on their behalf. They can do that themselves, enabling them to securely make changes and get instant access to reports that meet their business timescales, not those of the network provider.

Using our online portal or mobile app they can set up call plans then see how many calls their business is receiving, how many are answered and how many are missed. You can improve customer service for your clients by better managing callers during busy hours, or when their office is closed.