TechHouse Business have been working in the business telecoms industry for over 25 years. We still believe that partnering with us allows our partners to benefit from our agile, flexible approach to business. We are not, and never will be, a corporate animal, which means our partners can benefit from quick turnarounds on bespoke solutions whilst still being large enough to support you.

Our Deal Builder software allows you to stack your deal online from anywhere via our secure web based portal, immediately creating a professional proposal in your own brand, which is emailed immediately to your customer. The software also calculates your margin from the deal, and when the order is connected, will deal with the self-billing invoice. All of this automation allows you additional selling time, increasing your revenue!

Over the years, we have forged strong relationships with the networks, ensuring that the commercials we offer our partners are, in many cases, unique but always market leading. We are also in touch with developments in mobile technology with close links to all major UK Manufactures, ensuring we have in-depth knowledge and first to market stock of the latest handsets to offer to our partners.

A possible game changer for your business? Hosted IP is one of the fastest growing areas within the industry. Companies are looking for increased functionality to allow them to compete with the ‘big boys’, but do not have the budget to purchase an enterprise PBX. This is where promoting our hosted product will increase your revenue streams significantly and really locks out your competition. Don’t worry if you’ve never diversified from your core business. TechHouse Business can support you and your customers every step of the way.


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