TechHouse Business was founded in 1994 and has supplied hundreds of thousands of customers. TechHouse Business offers a range of services to help you, such as a Multi Network SIM and using a web portal for all your fixed and telephony capabilities.

Combining with our TechHouse Accessories partner, TechHouse Business will repair any of your devices using our award winning, highly regarded repair service. Additionally, TechHouse Accessories will help provide you with accessories for your phones, tablets and computers.


We offer a variety of unique features for you to enjoy at your business, such as offering solutions from all the major gas and electricity providers or combining mobile and fixed line services.


We have experience in the mobile communications industry after working for 20+ years in it. Additionally, with all major gas and electricity companies working with us, we can help you find the best deals for your company.


Give our award winning repair service a go whenever your device needs fixing. All our technicians are trained to handle any repair you give them, so why not test them out?