Coverage Blackspots
Tired of losing important calls, or struggling for signal?

Not anymore! TechHouse Business offers the ability to always be available for business with our unique roaming SIM option. This unique technology allows us to offer you the ability to ‘roam’ across all of the major UK mobile networks to ensure that you are always connected.

Always On
Be out when you’re in with convergence from TechHouse Business.

But what is convergence? In our view, convergence is about bringing all of your communications together to work as one. Why should you have to have a different number if you want to have a desk phone and a mobile? If you receive a call, why do you have to manage multiple answerphones? With our complete solutions, all of these problems fade away.

Technology To Support Your Business
Increase productivity and efficiency in your business.

With TechHouse Business, you can increase productivity within your workforce by deploying the latest technology at minimal cost. No longer will you need to use your CAPEX budget on technology or unnecessarily increase your monthly rentals to subsidise the hardware. With our technology funding partners, we can now not only offer the latest technology, but also in most cases reduce your monthly outgoings.


Fed up with feeling like your tariff doesn’t actually benefit you?

It’s an age-old problem. To supply high-end technology, you seem to be paying a fortune for your rentals. This is down to the way the networks value your account. However, with TechHouse Business, we build the solution from your requirements, meaning you receive the perfect fit solution at a cost you find acceptable.


Performance of your mobile provider is key to overall success of many of our customers. That’s why TechHouse Business is seen as a major step forward for them. Gone are the days where you have to be tied to a single mobile opeator. TechHouse Business rips up the rulebook with our new Multi Network option, giving you access to multiple networks all from one SIM card.


Hosted Ip Telephony from TechHouse Business is a complete communications service for your business that provides an extensive range of fixed and mobile telephony capabilities via an easy-to-use web portal. The service allows your environment whilst enabling your employees to maximise their productivity.


Combining your mobile and fixed line services under a single joined up suplier solution will not only increase your productivity but also help reduce cost. Increase your customers experience by ensuring you are always available on either of your published numbers or fully embrace the possibilities and change to a single number for all.

Business Utilities

Save more with TechHouse Business. We specialise in a business utilities offering solutions from all of the major gas and electricity providers. There has never been a better time to talk to one of our trained advisors about locking in the best rates in the industry.

Business Repairs

There is nothing more annoying than using the latest technology to run your business and than the unthinkable happens. Whether is a failed battery, broken screen, microphone or speaker, or a unknown issue. TechHouse Business can fix it.

Accessories & Smart Office Solutions

As part of a nationwide group of companies TechHouse Business can not only offer a full range of accessories for the latest mobile and tablet devices, we can also recommend and suply smart solutions for your home or office.

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